Here are a few of the ministries we have served over the years!

What is a ministry in the Episcopal Church?

A term given to the concept of shared ministry and leadership in a congregation. Mutual ministry is an approach to Christian ministry that is lived out of the promises made in baptism. It sees the ministry of the whole congregation as the primary ministry. All members of the congregation are doers of ministry. Deacons and priests serve as resource and support persons to the congregation, and perform the other duties appropriate to their orders. The work of Roland Allen (1868-1947), an English missionary and parish priest, is the background of mutual ministry. Allen emphasized the training and empowerment of local leadership in the church, the importance of the laity, and the use of voluntary clergy.


Mutual Ministries 

Breakfast between 8:00am and 10:00am services

Bunco Nites

Choir Practice 

Dinner Groups

Episcopal Church Women (E.C.W.)

Family Game Nites

Home Visitations (Priest conducts now)

On Your Way Back (after school program for NSHS)

Senior Exercise

Senior Luncheon

​UTO (United Thank Offering)


How to become an Acolyte
Join the Altar Guild
Fellowship Team
Fundraising Committee
Order of St Luke
Healing Minisries
Outreach Committee
Teach Sunday School (all ages)
Worship Committee for the New Church
Welcome Committee
Enjoy your own garden box in the Community Garden

....just to name a few!